3 thoughts on “Skillfully skewering social injustice

  1. Yesterday,Nov 5 , Guardian had a column by a US writer pointing out that the real problem is that the American Dream is dead . The time of great wealth being achieved through entrepreneurship and the assumption that your children will always be better off than yourself is over and will not return. She believes that a class society is developing in America replacing the social mobility which motivated enterprise .

    • I suspect that this is true, or becoming so. Another of the articles in Ehrenreich’s book focuses on the changed circumstances of new college grads, who used to assume — with considerable validity — that their degrees meant their entry into the middle class. (My own history reflects that movement — my father was a plumber; I never got my hands dirty.) Now, she writes, there are postDocs waiting tables.

  2. re: “Children Deserve Veterinary Care Too” — As you may recall I have also spoken seriously regarding the fact that a pet can go from birth (or at least the first 8 weeks of their lives) to death within the same veterinary clinic, often with the same vet. Whether they are taken for a yearly check up, have swallowed a dish rag or have cancer each pet is able to receive all of their diagnostics, surgery, teeth cleaning and loving care until the end, under one roof. Yes it is cash on the line however one can be darn sure that the group of doctors in the clinic will do their damndest to help and if they can’t will call in their other veterinary colleagues to do their best for the animal.

    We had something similar to that when I was a kid…I think they called it the “family doctor”. Unfortunately specialists took over and compassion got lost somewhere in the 50’s. Oh but that’s just me…a little bitter…I am, however, thankful that every family companion that we have had is/was able to receive the very best of love and care.

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