A Modern Utopia: looking back at the future

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2 thoughts on “A Modern Utopia: looking back at the future

  1. There is a cold chill when we think of where that naive consideration of ideal societies led. But Malthus has not gone away although we have retreated from notions of the end being worth the means in an engineered society. Wells was able to foresee the potential for harm and turn to a view that we depend on something in the human makup which may save us. Interesting that he is turning the problem over to women.

  2. Yes, I have wondered how Wells’s ideas were changed by the events of the first half of the 20th C. (Wells died 25 days after I was born, in 1946.) I am unfamiliar with him, other than as the source of many classic films. Blame my narrowly-focused U.S. education, I guess. That’s one reason for taking the upcoming course, even if it promises to focus on the scifi.

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