4 thoughts on “The Armageddon Factor — Canada and the evangelicals

  1. Ron,
    Your blog has inspired me to read the book right away. I have had it since Nov. and will start it today. Also will forward this blog to many. Thank you. P.

  2. Thanks, Peter.

    One of the things you’re sure to notice is how prominent local players are in this movement — TWU, Focus on the Family Canada, and others are very familiar to those of us who live in the area.

  3. Dispensationalism and anticipation of the Rapture may be of less concern than the need for simplification in a complex world with its accompanying fears. Other periods of upheaval and uncertainty have produced the need for a simple ideology, whether religious or not. Blame it all on Muslim terrorism is a handy way for a would be demagogue to gain support with blanket support for Israel following.
    It is heartening to see a rational Obama apparently finally being listened to rather than the leaders of the wild political fringes.

  4. Agreed that the comforts of the church are attractive, as far as the average congregant is concerned. But the motivations of the leadership are more specific — and more ambitious, as the book documents.

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