Cognitive science charms the right’s last moderate

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4 thoughts on “Cognitive science charms the right’s last moderate

  1. Repudiating the blank slate doesn’t resolve the right-left dilemma. We are left with the complexity of humans as having innate self interest but also social inclinations which have helped homo sapiens become the dominant species. Arguments about which tendency is dominant don’t help with deciding where do we go from here.

  2. You’re right, of course, yet it is true that there’s a strong correlation between relativism/left and nativism/right, at least in academia.

    Those of us who are both nativists and left of centre also agree with you that our social inclinations are critical — unlike the relativists, we see these inclinations as having universal roots, which are expressed culturally. For the extreme postmodernist, it’s all culture.

  3. With some hesitation, I add that the greatest rationalist of his time wrote WAR AND PEACE partly to demonstrate the folly of trying to live one’s life wholly rationally.

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