God in the service of society

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3 thoughts on “God in the service of society

  1. The idea that anything goes so long as the whole culture subscribes is at odds with the idea that there are some universals that all cultures subscribe to . Is he denying all universals ?
    Wouldn’t it be simpler to ascribe most intertribal violence to defense of territory and resources and the moral dimension a means of dehumanising the enemy?

  2. One of the key features of morality as Teehan conceives it is the in-group/out-group distinction, so dehumanizing is certainly in play.

    And yes, I think that Teehan denies that there are moral universals — only universal morality.

  3. Ron,
    There is so much here that I can only touch the surface. Firstly, Dostoevsky wrote that without God anything is possible. You know my opinion of D.
    Secondly, what kind of Christianity, or any other main stream religion, does Teehan mean here? Tolstoy writes very lucidly, clearly, hence very convincingly that the elite corrupt and pervert mainstream religions, Christianity in particular, in order to control and manipulate the masses.
    Thirdly, in keeping with number two, Tolstoy claims that the elite pervert religion so that it does not teach morality or how to behave, but instead preaches that what counts is believing the unprovable (such as in the bodily resurrection after its crucifiction)–He further goes on to say these teachings are an assault on reason. (but that is a slightly different story and it grows late. ) I cannot resist…. I wonder if Harper does so well in the polls because Canadians have been taught that what counts is what one believes and not what ones does. So Harper does not have to walk his talk. P.

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