3 thoughts on “Terry Eagleton: how everybody else got it wrong

  1. Has Eagleton shown that liberalism has failed completely in offering a future? Like religion, liberal humanism is dogged by human failure and inability to determine truth but it has given more of us the leisure to contemplate these questions. If the issue is humanity coming into its own, that state and the means of achievement need to be defined. Do we have Deepak Eagleton here doing the defining?

    • As I understand it, Eagleton’s view is this: In “late capitalism” there are no core values, and certainly not enduring social and political progress. The shallow and consumption-driven postmodern world, which is the cultural expression of late capitalism, is a self-referential dead end. Liberalism is powerless to defeat this total relativism. Only a truly revolutionary pushback, i.e., Marxism, offers any real challenge.

      I’m expecting this stance to be explored at great length in The Illusions of Postmodernism, my copy of which will arrive from England sometime after normal postal service resumes.

  2. Everyone is looking for their algorithms , no one has of yet the handle on the truth. Keep to your task at hand and soon enough your job is finished.

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