The Daisy Girl and the birth of the attack ad

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2 thoughts on “The Daisy Girl and the birth of the attack ad

  1. We don’t seem to get as many ‘attack ads’ in Canada as they do it the US. I think this is starting to change though. Personally (and I know I am the minority according to the research), I find attack ads intellectually offensive… I am less likely to vote for a party that engages in dirty attack ads. Tell me what you are doing – not what the other person is not doing.

    • It’s tempting to speculate that one reason for the difference is that Canada both retains more of the British tradition of civil public behaviour and exhibits more tolerance for differences (and thus a less condemning response to them). I wonder if the infamous Chretien “face ad” would have played better in the US? At the same time, the Harper Conservatives seem to have few qualms about negative campaigning, given their scorning of Dion and the “He didn’t come back for you” attacks on Ignatieff — both of them, sadly, effective.

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