Back in the saddle again

This blog has been more or less suspended for quite some time now, but no more. There’s too much going on in the world to continue to sit back and write book reviews, which is what I’ve been doing on my other blog for the last two years.

For those of you who followed this blog when it was active, yoru’ll notice a different focus this time around. There will be fewer rehashes of scientific studies and fewer excursions into the abstractly philosophical. This time around, the predominant focus will be politics, social issues, and the economy.

There’s a Canadian federal election on the horizon, and the American presidential season started last week with the official launch of Ted Cruz’s candidacy.  Beyond these headline events, many important issues continue to roil the waters, both underlying and overpowering the political contexts in which they are typically framed and debated.

These issues will appear here in a variety of forms. Sometimes I’ll offer a personal take on a book, an idea from a book, or an argument delivered in some other form. Sometimes I’ll want to react to a current event, or to a persistent and fundamental social or economic condition.

In any case, posts on this blog will come along a lot more frequently now. And as always, my opinion on an issue or an idea will not be hard to discern.

I hope that you’ll come along for the ride!

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