Solving “one of the last great problems in science”

V. S. Ramachandran is not shy. Far from it.

Not only does he believe the “riddle of consciousness” to be “one of the last great problems in science,” but he also believes that except for that pesky qualia problem neuroscientists like him will solve the mystery of the self in no time. The next generation or two, tops.

Ramachandran’s enthusiasm extends further. He is fond of throwing suppositions and speculations at the problem of self. Maybe it’s this. Then there’s that. And what about ….

Ramachandran’s optimism is tied to his enthusiasm for brain scans — especially scans of the brains of those sufferers of neurological disorders who are Ramachandran’s typical study subjects.

His views are condensed into “Self Awareness: The Last Frontier,” an EDGE¬†essay. Continue reading