Jefferson’s “Bible” — revising the revision

But while this syllabus is meant to place the character of Jesus in its true
and high light, as no impostor Himself, but a great Reformer of the Hebrew code
of religion, it is not to be understood that I am with Him in all His doctrines.
I am a Materialist; he takes the side of Spiritualism.

“This syllabus” is Jefferson’s revision of scripture, a document that has come to be known as “Jefferson’s Bible,” although he never gave it that name. It’s clear from the passage, from an 1820 letter, that Jefferson was in no sense an orthodox Christian.

But that doesn’t stop some on the Christian right in the United States from recruiting Jefferson to support their false claim that the U. S. was founded as “a Christian nation,” that the separation of church and state was never the intention of the Founding Fathers. Continue reading